Girls and Women at the Center of Nepal's Post-Earthquake Response – Women Deliver

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Three Years Later: Celebrating Girls and Women at the Center of Nepal’s Post-Earthquake Response

On 25 April 2015, a powerful earthquake struck Nepal, killing 9,000 people and profoundly affecting more than a quarter of the country’s population. Millions of people were left without basic access to health, safety, food, shelter, and electricity for months, even years, after the tremors subsided.
Three years later, the devastating impacts of this disaster, particularly on girls and women, are still imprinted in our global memory. Like in many natural disasters, more girls and women lost their lives compared to men and boys, and those who survived bore the brunt of the economic and social shocks that followed. For pregnant women and those with young children, deteriorated access to essential sexual, reproductive, maternal, and child health services made the situation even more difficult.
Yet less remembered, and often underappreciated, are the Nepalese girls and women who played a critical role in relief, recovery, and development efforts across the country. Their inspiring resilience and perseverance are important reminders of women’s potential to drive effective and dignified humanitarian action – and the ongoing need to invest in their capacities.
To mark the three-year anniversary of the 2015 earthquakes, we’ve created an interactive timeline that provides a snapshot of just a few of the ways girls and women contributed across Nepal’s post-earthquake humanitarian response.

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