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Paska (Nyaboth) Alfred

  • Age: 28
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Girls and women have suffered enough in all aspects of society. It is time for the world to empathize and view them as great contributors to peaceful and sustainable societies because there is nothing about us without us.

- Paska (Nyaboth) Alfred


Paska (Nyaboth) Alfred was born and raised in South Sudan. She is currently completing her degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at Atlantic International University. As a Program Officer at the Organization for Responsive Governance, she coordinates the implementation of programs and activities, contributes to developing new proposals, facilitates trainings in peacebuilding and gender mainstreaming, and conducts research and assessments used for advocacies. Nyatboth is also a Technical Expert at the Intergovernmental Authority on Development IGAD Mediation Support Unit where she provides technical support on inclusivity in mediation processes in the East and Horn of Africa. Additionally, Nyaboth is a founding member of the Organization for Responsive Governance, volunteer at South Sudan Women Coalition, volunteer Young Women Mediation Ambassador, and One Young World Ambassador.

What ignited your pursuit for gender equality?

I grew up in war and saw the immense damage it caused people, especially girls and women. They are robbed of a dignified life and continue to be marginalized even in post-conflict situations. I also grew up in a patriarchal society where women feel its negative implications most. They are denied basic life supports and freedoms in the name of respecting culture. This has to stop.

Please share your biggest wins as an advocate for gender equality.

In one of our activities, we had months of discussion and debate among men and women to discuss the issues of gender-based violence and gender equality. Having men on the discussion was such a huge win. They understood what women are going through, and most of them made personal commitments to respect women and their rights to be human at the end of the conversation. Women who thought speaking up against violence is a taboo started using referral pathways to report any cases of violence and the culprits.

Outside of your gender equality advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy watching movies, listening to very loud music, reading, and dancing.

Languages Spoken:

  • English (Advanced/Native)
  • Acholi (Intermediate)
  • Arabic (Intermediate)
  • Dinka (Intermediate)
  • Madi (Intermediate)
  • Nuer (Intermediate)
  • Shilluk (Intermediate)
  • French (Elementary)
  • Swahili (Elementary)

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