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Amr Hassan

  • Age: 27
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We, young people, are promoting the future's leading ideas, such as supporting a basic universal income, empowering women to become leaders in totally male-dominated positions, and encouraging diverse and multi-cultural communities. We would like to have a chance. We would like to be heard.

- Amr Hassan


Amr Hassan was born and raised in Egypt. He received a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Alexandria University in 2018. As CEO of Empower Hub, Amr is responsible for running and managing small and medium Sustainable Development Goals grants funded by the United States Embassy and other entities, as well as designing and facilitating training programs. As a Facilitator at Ambassadors for Dialogue, he facilitates and designs dialogue workshops.

Additionally, Amr is a member and Social Media Coordinator at Global Shapers Alexandria Hub, a member of the US Embassy Alumni council, Founder and President of the California Activity Club, and Founder and President of Women Leaders Campaign to empower women to become leaders in different fields.

What ignited your pursuit for gender equality?

I used to write posts on Facebook about gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity. I used to give speeches in mega-events about the same issues. I post videos about scholarships for women on my YouTube, and the first video for was about a girl who traveled the US, promoting her as a success story.

Please share your biggest wins as an advocate for gender equality.

My first video on my YouTube channel, which was about a marginalized girl who traveled to the US to participate in a women empowerment program. This video led to the establishment of an initiative to encourage girls to travel abroad in exchange programs.

Outside of your gender equality advocacy work, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy making videos for YouTube to tell stories. I like posting articles on my Facebook account. I love reading, writing personal thoughts, watching movies, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, dancing, and swimming.

Languages Spoken:

  • Arabic (Advanced/Native)
  • English (Advanced/Native)
  • French (Elementary)


Speaks On:

  • peaceful coexistence through diverse communities and interfaith dialogue
  • youth leadership in civic engagement and building mass movements
  • fighting against gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity

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