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Building Momentum for Increased Access to Safe Abortion in Kakamega County



This project seeks to increase access to safe abortion options and services among rural adolescents and young women in Kakamega County, Kenya. By training of 50 young women leaders as peer educators on safe abortion, carrying out community sensitization on the impact of unsafe abortion to young women, and advocating for the enactment of sound laws and policies on abortion, this project strives to build momentum for safe abortion access.


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Caren is an award winning young social entrepreneur with over three years of experience working with disadvantaged and marginalized young women among communities in Kakamega County of Western Kenya. Caren’s work focuses on the empowerment of young women, human rights advocacy, peace building, and environmental protection. As the Founder and Director of the Sisari Women Initiative, a local non-profit organization, Caren’s responsibilities include strategic and participatory leadership, resource mobilization, research, networking, project development and management, and developing monitoring and evaluation tools for the organization. Experienced in civil society leadership, she boasts the ability to interact at the highest levels of decision-making, and across cultures as she advocates for the health of young women. Caren is a Diploma student in Broadcast Journalism at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC).


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